Fawful starts night 5 again for like the 100th time just to get wierd things happening! I check Pirates Cove and fox is already out ready to run. Then I switch to the show stage and everybody is gone, Bonnie is in the dining area staring at the camera. I can hear chica in the kitchen so I go back to my office and then I hear Freddy's laugh three times in less than a minute before I see him walking down the right side it immediately I shut the door. And then at the same time both Bonnie and Chica both run down the always. So I wait for them to come and look into my office so I could shut the door on them. Well I forget all about Freddy When I close the door he was already in the room because when I close the door I heard the laugh really loudly and yet within a few seconds I had a Freddy Fazbear in my face. I then play One More Time and it takes less than an hour meaning during 12 a.m. I'm already dead as Bonnie is eating my face. :/